Winning employees through engagement

Winning employees through engagement

PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) Unit Induk Wilayah Kalimantan Tengah-Selatan Case Study

The Story

Located in Banjarbaru, Borneo, Indonesia, PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) Unit Induk Wilayah Kalimantan Tengah-Selatan is an Indonesian government-owned corporation which leads electricity distribution in Indonesia and generates the majority of the country’s electrical power.

To date, PLN is responsible for Central and South Borneo Province electricity supply, with 1000 of its employees are on board with Feet’s.

The Challenge

PLN understands the importance of effective communication between employees. They were  looking for a platform that provides fun and interactive employee communication platform when they first found out about Feet’s during 11th Indonesia HR Summit 2019 in Bali. The existing internal communication platform that they used no longer suited their culture anymore. 

The Creative Solution

It is so important to engage with all employees and make them feel appreciated and understood at the same time. Due to the nature of energy industry, it is much more difficult for PLN to regularly connect with their employees than it is to connect with corporate employees. Feet’s makes it easy, as instant recognition, feedback and rewards can be done even the employees work remotely. As PLN best describes Feet’s, get connection whilst building relationships. 

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