The Enemies of the Open Society

While this was a very ancient way of organizing humanity, Popper observed that it had provided a model for the totalitarian systems of the 20th century in their revolt against the open society.

The Globalization of Antitrust

Antitrust is a very hot topic here and around the world.

‘Japan Inc.’ and Other Tales of Industrial Policy Apocalypse

As the U.S. deals with a rising China, it can learn from Japan’s history of industrial policymaking

Two Incremental Steps Toward Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

The first promising signs of progress on immigration reform appeared this week on Capitol Hill with serious bipartisan proposals to bring order to the asylum process at the southern border and to permanently legalize those currently under the executive order known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

Is Tracking Students by Ability Too Much Government and Too Little Education?

Critics say the decades-old system, used especially for math classes, stigmatizes children and doesn’t increase learning 

We Need More Than the First Amendment, We Need a “Culture of Free Speech”

Insulting, shaming or deplatforming those we disagree with is not only a threat to a free society, it’s a confession of failure