Why and How Liberty Minnesota Endorses

Liberty Minnesota works hard to not only hold our elected officials accountable for their actions (ie, Legislative Scorecard) but to support the candidacies of those with the expressed goal of minimized government. The effectiveness of the liberty movement in Minnesota is minimized if we don't get solid, hard-working candidates elected to office. That's why Liberty Minnesota wants to help those with the dedication to both the principles of limited government AND the hard work it takes to get elected.

Liberty Minnesota's Political Committee determines which candidates earn our endorsement prior the Primary and General elections. This committee takes a variety of factors into consideration during endorsement discussions most notably being the candidate's A) Commitment to the principles of a constitutionally-limited government and the presumption of individual liberty and B) Commitment to a winning campaign. There are countless campaigns that have one of these two factors; we expect candidates to have both.


Primary Endorsements



Olga Parsons - Crystal City Council

Race Overview:

Olga is running against incumbent John Budziszewski and Karen Lincoln for the Section II seat. Two of the three candidates will advance to the General Election.

Why Liberty Minnesota Endorsed Olga:

Olga has been a dedicated liberty activist in Crystal and throughout Minnesota for years. Her campaign is focused on government transparency and fiscal responsibility. In her response to Liberty Minnesota's candidate questionnaire, Olga stated she would like to see "public transportation privatized" and allow it to face free market competition. In addition, she advocates increasing local and/or private control over education and recreation.


Cara Schultz - Burnsville City Council

Race Overview:

Cara is running against six other candidates including incumbents Dan Kealy and Bill Coughlin. Four of the seven candidates will advance to the General Election. Two of the final four will earn seats on the Burnsville City Council.

Why Liberty Minnesota Endorsed Cara:

Like Olga, Cara is a dedicated liberty activists involved with a variety of causes in and around her city. Cara is an Air Force veteran who does a wonderful job covering a variety of policy topics on Youtube videos. Check these out:

When people ignore a law, could the law be at fault?

Are you a food criminal?

You don't own your home - and you never will

That's what we think are practical, effective messages for citizens of any city.

According to Cara's responses on Liberty Minnesota's candidate questionnaire, Cara is focused on removing or replacing: Building codes, nuisance laws and blue laws in Burnsville.



Eric Goodrich - Eagan City Council

Race Overview:

Eric is running against four other candidates including incumbents Paul Bakken and Gary Hansen. Four of the five candidates will advance to the General Election. Two of the final four will earn seats on the Eagan City Council.

Why Liberty Minnesota Endorsed Eric:

Eric Goodrich is a staunch supporter of the principles of liberty as evidenced his work becoming a National Delegate for Ron Paul in 2012. Eric's campaign motto is "Socially Tolerant, Fiscally Responsible" - we couldn't say it better ourselves. Eric wants to initiate a "Red Tape Hotline" where residents can cut-through the red tape and get their problem resolved in an efficient manner. Like Cara and Olga, not only does Eric talk-the-talk of empowering individuals over their government but he's worked hard to spread this wonderful message across Minnesota.


Primary to Watch

Rep. Jennifer Loon vs. Sheila Kihne (48B - Eden Prairie)

Preferred candidate: Sheila Kihne

Rep. Loon lost her local party's endorsement this cycle due to competition from Kihne. Liberty Minnesota encourages both candidates to review their understanding of personal liberty and limited government.

On the 2014 Legislative Scorecard, Rep. Loon scored a 73% which was tied for 30th best in the Minnesota House - not good. She increased the scope of the Pollution Control Agency, increased regulation on the Cosmetology industry and added licensing requirements on a variety of occupations among other bad votes. This is not an advocate of small government. Rep. Loon did offer an amendment in the last few days of session to hold the Metropolitan Council more accountable but it was too little, too late. We wonder why she didn't stand up against the MET years ago.

While Kihne is no social libertarian as we would hope, her principled dedication to reducing the size and scope of state government is admirable. One of her core campaign issues is abolishing the Metropolitan Council which is something thousands of activists across the state would love, including Liberty Minnesota. She would eliminate the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and would reduce the size of the Minnesota Department of Education. Overall, Kihne would implement across-the-board spending cuts.

Liberty Minnesota is not endorsing anyone in this race but we would prefer a representative adamant in reducing government spending rather than one who has not proudly stood up against big government in all its forms, like the MET Council. Liberty Minnesota disagrees on many social issues with Kihne but we are encouraged by her no-nonsense approach to government spending.


General Election Endorsements

To Be Determined